For soon-to-be Griffith engineering student, Kiarna Broomhead, the decision was easy.
On receiving an early offer to study at Griffith School of Engineering, the 17-year-old instantly called her dad who reminded her it was exactly the result for which she had hoped. She accepted in an instant and immediately breathed a sigh of relief and looked to the future.
The decision was made all the easier by older sisters, Anita and Jessie, who had already forged a family path to Griffith to study digital media and accounting and finance respectively. Kiarna is now forging her own pathway.
Throughout Year 12 and for much of Year 11 she had considered and reconsidered her options, with science-based and mathematics-based degrees attracting her attention. Ultimately, a career in biomedical engineering called, prompting her to choose a Bachelor of Engineering at Griffith as her first step.
Innovation calling
“I didn’t necessarily want to become a doctor or a surgeon but

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