Epiphanies occur at any time. Such is the nature of the concept.
For Griffith University alumnus Judy Staggs, a Brisbane-based former intensive care nurse and now community educator, the moment that changed her life came during the most mundane of activities: housework. 
And while some may question Judy’s belief in what transpired and why, the true measure of an epiphany lies in where it leads and what it continues to achieve.
In Judy’s case, this includes completing a Bachelor of Arts (Modern Asian Studies) and a Master of English as a Second Language at Griffith University, followed by teaching English in China and now doing the same for Syrian and Afghan refugees trying to start new lives in Australia.
But first things first, namely a day in 1978 when nurse and mother of four Judy was doing the housework and listening to the radio news.
“I was washing up and there was a news item

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