Countdown to Toohey Trail Run – Register early

Organisers of the Griffith Sport 2017 Toohey Trail Run have urged likely participants to register early and not risk missing out due to a restriction on numbers allowed to run the 10km and half marathon routes.
Toohey Forest is home to the Powerful Owl, Australia’s largest nocturnal bird, whose conservation status is described as ‘vulnerable’.

REGISTER HERE: Toohey Trail Run

The routes for the two trail runs have been designed to ensure minimal disruption of the Owl’s natural habitat, and the total number of competitors for these categories has been capped at 800.
Photo: Birdlife Australia
No cap applies to the shorter 5km trail run which does not take the runners as deep into the forest and therefore will not affect the birds’ territory.
“It is very important for us to respect the woodlands and watercourses inhabited by the Powerful Owl,” Griffith Sport event coordinator, Holly Ruhle, said.
“We have exercised great care in our planning and

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