Universal Basic Income essay wins Forsyth/Pose Scholarship

Imagine an Australia where every citizen is paid a tax-free sustenance payment to live. It may sound like a Utopian dream but according to Griffith University student Myles Bayliss, it’s not so far-fetched.
“The idea of a Universal Basic Income has existed in various forms for hundreds of years,’’ he says.
“Currently several countries including Canada and Finland are running UBI experiments as well as other countries such as the Netherlands which is planning to begin trials.”
Indeed Myles, who is in his final year of a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Commerce degree, and passionate about the topic,  has been awarded The Law Council of Australia’s 2017 Forsyth/Pose Scholarship for his paper entitled “Universal Basic Income: The Potential Impact on the Australian Tax System”.
He writes that a UBI can offer realisable benefits to the individual, government and nation as a whole, and possibly complement Australia’s tax system.
While acknowledging that UBI policies can vary

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