Master’s opens door to teaching career

It was while completing his honours in psychology at a Gold Coast school that Phillip Pearce first realised teaching would become his raison d’etre.
“I always had a passion for child developmental psychology, discovered I loved being in a school environment and so enrolled in the Master of Primary Teaching at Griffith,’’ he said.
“My study has given me the perfect balance of theory underpinned with practical knowledge.
“The lecturers come from the classroom so they are all super experienced. We can be discussing various pedagogical theories and they are able to relate it back to real life.
“It’s made me more confident in my pracs and I know teaching is the right career for me.”
Phillip, who works part-time at a Gold Coast school, said the flexibility of the Master’s program enabled him and other students to work while studying.
“I can structure my timetable around work. It’s intense, but manageable.”
An advocate for Positive Education,

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