Restorative justice a step towards healing 

Restorative justice has its critics but US criminologist Professor Alissa Ackerman says it can be a powerful way to promote healing for both victims and perpetrators. 
“Despite evidence that restorative justice practices can provide accountability for individuals who have engaged in acts of sexual victimization and promote healing for those who have experienced sexual violence, many refute its validity,’’ she said.  
Visiting Brisbane this month, Dr Ackerman presented a seminar – Vicarious Restorative Justice and Sexual Victimization – at Mt Gravatt campus on July 19, where she demonstrated how a vicarious restorative justice framework in the US is being used to success with individuals currently in treatment after committing sexual offences.” 
The self-described ‘survivor’ scholar and professor of criminal justice from California State University has been teaching classes on sexual violence for more than 10 years. 
“On the first day of class I explain to students that they have the unique opportunity to hear the personal perspective of

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