Daly’s Native Plants in Mansfield Flourishes with New Low-Cost Water Initiative

Daly’s Native Plants
Photo Credit: Supplied

Daly’s Native Plants in Mansfield is among the recipients who received a collective total of 100 megalitres of low-cost water, as part of a statewide initiative to support small businesses and community groups.

The recent release of low-cost water has been tremendously helpful to the nursery in sustaining its operations amidst the challenges of drought and the economic downturn caused by the pandemic.

This initiative is part of a broader strategy to support local businesses by providing affordable resources for their survival and growth.

 “The allocation of low-cost water was an emotional moment for us. It’s not just about business survival; it’s about keeping our community green and supporting the local ecosystem with our native plants,” Owner Robin Daly shared. “This support helps us continue our mission of environmental stewardship and community service.”

Support and Benefits

“Supporting Daly’s Native Plants is a key example of our commitment to easing cost pressures on Queensland’s small businesses,” Water Minister Glenn Butcher expressed enthusiasm about the support extended to Daly’s Native Plants. “This initiative is about more than just financial relief; it’s about fostering a sustainable local economy and promoting environmental well-being.”

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Corrine McMillan, Member for Mansfield, emphasised the initiative’s importance for local businesses, noting that access to low-cost water is alleviating the substantial financial and operational challenges faced by small enterprises like Daly’s Native Nursery. This assistance is crucial for the survival of such businesses and benefits the broader community by enhancing environmental health.

Photo Credit: Supplied

Encouraging Future Participation

With 67 megalitres of water still available for allocation, the government is encouraging other local businesses and community groups to apply. This ongoing initiative supports eligible entities until May 2025, aiming to distribute the remaining water to aid local development and sustainability further.

Daly’s Native Plants promotes sustainable practices by cultivating native plants, contributing to local greenery, biodiversity, and fighting climate change.

Published 22-April-2024