Free Tour and Open House Showcase Mount Gravatt Cemetery’s 100-Year-Old History

Photo Credit: Rachid Ghariss/Google Maps

If you want a glimpse of local history from an unusual perspective, Brisbane City Council is arranging a free tour and open house of the Mount Gravatt Cemetery and Crematorium on Saturday, the 12th of Oct 2019.

Tag your friends or family along and join the bus tour to the cemetery and the walking tour to the crematorium from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on the said date. The event will cover the interesting history and development of this over 100-year-old Brisbane burial grounds. You will gain access to some private areas during the Open House, such as:

  • The cremator from the viewing area
  • The original burial register display
  • The plaque displays

You’ll also be treated to a family history research demonstration and view an actual burial set-up. 

Photo Credit: Rachid Ghariss/Google Maps

Mount Gravatt Cemetery and Crematorium is one of the few denominational cemeteries in Brisbane. Respecting various religious, ethnic and cultural beliefs, visitors will get to discover some unique headstones and monument sites on this tour.

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Whilst this is for free, courtesy of the Council, you’ll need to book a spot for the special access. 

Since 2010, Brisbane City Council has mounted guided tours and open houses to celebrate and showcase significant sites reflecting the best of the city’s architecture, engineering and history. For more info about the walking tours and open house, follow this link.