Garden City Disabled Parking

Parking can be a taxing task anywhere, but disabled people have grown increasingly disgruntled at the parking difficulties they face at Westfield Garden City in Upper Mount Gravatt.

One particular woman, Hazel Woodman, has expressed her vexation. She has called upon the shopping centre to make better efforts to disallow the use of disabled facilities by able-bodied customers.

She described that parking was especially difficult as there were often cars without disabled badges parked in spaces for disabled people. “I see it every week,” she said. She also made note of people without impairments using the toilets marked for disabled people.

Julia Clarke, a spokeswoman for Westfield Garden City, said there was nothing the centre could do to prevent misuse of facilities for the disabled.

“We don’t police the carpark but the council is able to,” she said. “We rely on people’s good will and common sense to use the correct parking spaces.”

Hopefully more people will realize that it takes only common courtesy to allow disabled people to use the spaces intended for them and them alone.

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