Koala’s Nighttime Adventure in Upper Mt Gravatt Captivates Southside Brisbane

Upper Mt Gravatt Koala

Residents of Upper Mt Gravatt witnessed an unusual spectacle when a koala was spotted making its way across a busy road late at night.

The incident showed the marsupial deftly dodging traffic and then climbing a refuge island sign, much to the amazement of onlookers.

Tuan Nguyen, the owner of Alice Viet restaurant in Upper Mt Gravatt, was returning home from work when he witnessed the surprising sight. 

“After work, we went home, I think very late, when we saw it crossing the road. It then climbed on a sign pole,” Mr Nguyen recalled

Upper Mt Gravatt Koala
Photo Credit: Tuan Nguyen
Upper Mt Gravatt Koala
Tuan Nguyen

This encounter marked a rare instance of wildlife venturing into urban settings, particularly in such a public and potentially hazardous environment.

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The incident prompted calls to a local koala rescue group, who advised leaving the animal alone as it appeared unharmed. The next morning, the koala had moved on, indicating it possibly found its way back to its natural habitat. 

This occurrence highlights the growing presence of koalas in the region, particularly around Whites Hill Nature Reserve and Toohey Forest. 

In response to the increased sightings and the dangers posed by traffic, the State Government has erected a koala-proof fence along the M1 adjacent to Toohey Forest. Additionally, there are ongoing campaigns advocating for reduced speed limits on roads like Boundary Rd that cut through key koala habitats.

Published 8-Dec-2023