Mount Gravatt State High School Tops its own Record

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With the release of the 2018 Year 12 Outcomes report, Mount Gravatt State High School has again topped its own record by achieving its best ever OP result, as four of its graduating Year 12 students landed on the list of OP1 achievers.

Year 12 Outcomes 2018 for Mt Gravatt State High School

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Mount Gravatt State High School is one of the top schools in Brisbane as far as 2018 OP results. Data released from Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority show that there are 29 students from Mount Gravatt State High School who achieved OP1-5 or 23.20 percent of the 125 OP-eligible students. This OP 1-5 result marks an 8.9 percentage-point improvement from 2012 which was at 14.30 percent, according to Better Education website.

Better Education School Trend 2012 – 2018 for Mount Gravatt State High

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Better Education OP/IBD School Ranking – 2018

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Also, apart from achieving 100% QCE, the state school announced that their 2018 graduates completed Certificate II, III and IV courses and school based apprenticeships, among other academic highlights. The school also congratulated its elite OP1 achievers: Aidan Demmers, Lauren Ockendon,  Jayden Webster, and Rebecca Gong.

Introduced in 1992, OP or Overall Position, is the statewide rank based on a student’s overall achievement in Authority subjects and is used for tertiary entrance purposes. OP measures a student’s performance as compared to other OP-eligible students, on a scale from 1 to 25 with 1 as the highest and 25 as the lowest.

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