Concerned Stakeholders Launch Petition, Pledges to Save Seton College

Seton College
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A group of concerned stakeholders has launched a petition to Save Seton College from permanent closure in Mount Gravatt in 2024. The petition has received over 6,500 signatures whilst pledges to help reverse the proposal have reached more than 1,000. 

Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) announced late this year that Seton College will cease accepting new enrollees in 2021, claiming that enrolments have been dwindling in recent years. 

The stakeholders are challenging BCE’s claims after learning that the school actually turned away 60 students in 2020. In 2019, the school apparently sent emails to parents that it reached maximum capacity “with a waiting list already in place.”

“It appears that BCE is orchestrating the decline in enrolments by enrolling less than 25% of applicants for year seven 2020, and, furthermore, stopping ALL and ANY future enrolments, regardless of year level,” the stakeholders said in a statement. “It appears BCE are winding things up much quicker than originally anticipated, with an exodus of teaching and support staff and the shocking redundancy of the school’s IT manager, who was recently applauded for his work in developing an effective online classroom platform during the COVID shutdown.”

The group has been holding Save Our Seton (SOS) meetings on the Zoom platform. The first meeting for next year is scheduled for 17 Jan 2021.

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Seton College is a typical co-educational Secondary College that offers personalised learning. It’s described as “the school that fills the gap between mainstream schools and special schools” for including individual student support, pastoral care and personality development that aren’t found in a mainstream school’s curriculum. 

“Seton College is the most welcoming, helping, accepting and the best school I’ve ever been to,” a former student, Tayhlia Shaw, said when she launched the petition. “Education is taught in many different fun ways to help students not only enjoy their classes but take in more from what they are learning about.” 

For updates on the activities of the SOS, follow their Facebook page or become a member on their official site