Mt Gravatt Welcomes An Upgraded ALDI Store

Last year, Australian supermarket giant ALDI announced that it will invest significant funds to refurbish its aging stores. In Mt Gravatt, the company has just opened a revamped ALDI store earlier this month.

On 8 August, Mt Gravatt’s ALDI store reopened with upgraded facilities that feature better shelving, energy-efficient chillers, and expanded wooden produce bay. It also boasts of new energy-efficient LED lighting based on the supermarket’s key priority, which is efficient energy management. Upgrades have also been implemented on the point-of-sale displays and storage signage.

In 2016, ALDI trialled this updated store format that features clearer signage, redesigned shelving, LED lights, extended chillers, and expanded wooden produce bays. The success of that trial paved the way for these changes to be included in the designs in all of their stores across the country. Currently, ALDI has over 400 stores nationwide, with the newer ones already in the modern format.

The supermarket also announced last year that they will add more products that the stock. They have over 1,300 product lines and they aim to continue adding new and exciting products to their stores.