Rochedale to Play Major Role in Brisbane Metro’s Green Leap to Electrify Transport

A new metro depot will be constructed in Rochedale, now emerging as a central hub in Brisbane Metro’s green transformation. The depot will house five flash chargers and 60 slow chargers, along with the necessary charging infrastructure.

This is in line with Brisbane’s vision of a state-of-the-art Brisbane Metro system, powered by electric vehicles (EVs), powered by a robust charging infrastructure in Rochedale and three other locations. 

The Metros operate on battery electric power and require reliable charging systems to function optimally. The chosen charging strategy for Brisbane Metro incorporates two distinct methods: flash charging, utilizing the Grid-eMotion™ system, and CCS2 plug-in slow chargers.

Flash Charging Innovation

The flash charging system represents a groundbreaking development in Australia, capable of charging a metro in under six minutes at end-of-route locations. This technology uses overhead pantograph infrastructure, allowing seamless and rapid charging. A pantograph, which autonomously connects to a charging point from the metro roof, facilitates this process.

Optimizing Energy Consumption

Slow chargers will play a vital role in extending the lifespan of the metros’ batteries while optimizing energy consumption from Brisbane’s energy grid during off-peak periods. A Power Load Management system will control the slow charging process at the metro depot, ensuring efficient utilization and moderating peak loads.

Strategic Charging Infrastructure Locations

Aside from Rochedale, key charging infrastructure points have been identified in three other areas to facilitate the smooth operation of Brisbane Metro:

  • Herston: An end-of-route flash charging facility and metro layover area will be constructed at Ernie’s Roundabout within the existing bus layover area.
  • Petrie Terrace: An end-of-route flash charging facility for metros will be established in the Inner Northern Busway adjacent to Countess Street.
  • The University of Queensland: UQ Lakes station will undergo upgrades and provide end-of-route flash charging and layover areas for metros.

Cr Andrew Wines confirmed that  EV charging facilities are being installed to power the Brisbane Metro in Rochedale. 

“We are committed to having a modern and efficient transport system that will keep Brisbane moving,” he wrote.

“One way we are doing that is by having our new Metro system use electric vehicles. These purpose-built specialist Metro Vehicles can be charged at the depot overnight to improve battery life, while through the working day. They will use a series of fast charge points across the network, creating a new type of modern transport for Brisbane.”

Charging Station Rochedale
Photo Credit: CrAndrewWines/Facebook

The Evolution of Brisbane Metro

Following a successful trial of the pilot metro, the Brisbane City Council has placed an order for the initial fleet of 59 metros, a pivotal milestone in the project. These electric-powered vehicles are set to arrive progressively, gearing up for the anticipated commencement of operations by late 2024, pending necessary approvals.

The Brisbane Metro project is poised to usher in a new era of sustainable and accessible public transportation, setting an example for cities across Australia. As preparations continue, the Council’s commitment to creating a modern and efficient transport system remains unwavering, promising a brighter and greener future for the people of Brisbane.

Published 17-Jan-2024