Grab a Cup and Get to Know the Story Behind The Coffee

Who doesn’t enjoy sharing stories over coffee? Well, here’s one interesting and sweet tale behind the new Mount Gravatt East hole in the wall cafe, Story Behind The Coffee. 

Owner Danilo Ramon Jovero Jr opened Story Behind The Coffee in September 2020 with his partner as their first business venture together. Mr Jovero followed the love of his life in Australia in April 2019.

Mr Jovero said that he’s passionate about his five-year relationship as much as he’s passionate about coffee and he’s roasting only the best coffee beans at his cafe — the award-winning Coffee Mentality

Mr Jovero and the Coffee Mentality group work with sustainable and ethical coffee growers from the Philippines.

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

Quality coffee and quality service are what drives the owner to come to his store every day and hear other people’s stories. Aside from selling bags of specialty coffee beans to take home, this cafe also has a variety of syrups — in white chocolate, butterscotch or Irish cream — to mix with a hot or cold cup.

Story Behind The Coffee took over the spot of a former grocery store on Broadwater Road and turned the fit-out into a classic black and white cafe. 

Photo Credit: Facebook

To learn more about their opening hours and coffee blends, follow the Facebook Page

“Open at good hours ie 6 am on a weekend. Coffee is really nice tasting and the barista is super lovely. Decor lovely- would be nice in winter when the weather isn’t hot n humid!”

Edwina L

“Fantastic coffee shop. Some of the best coffee I’ve ever had and the owners are super warm and friendly people, “the story” behind the coffee is really cute too. 10/10 recommended”

Winston Timmermans

“Great to have a local hole in the wall! Dog friendly is a big plus as well.”

Bruce Muir