The Newest Pooch-Friendly Cafe In Mt Gravatt: Little Black Pug Cafe

Cuddle cute pugs and bring your own pups to the Little Black Pug Cafe in Mt Gravatt. This cafe is inspired by what else? Pugs!

From Lab Coats to Aprons

Owned by married couple Louise and Josh Daly who are pug lovers, the cafe was named after their adorable black pugs, Bowie and Mate. The cafe had their grand opening on 5 May in conjunction with the Pugs SOS charity.

They’re not only about bringing the local community with the same interests, but Louise also has a passion for hospitality and good food.

What’s really interesting is the Dalys are into the sciences before they ventured into the food industry. Louise was in cytogenetics whilst Josh was a microbiologist.

Louise has always loved cooking and her original plan was to launch pastries such as macarons, however, she realised that a commercial kitchen would cost them a lot hence they settled in for a street cafe instead after convincing her husband to join her.

The couple decided to establish a dog-friendly cafe, which has an industrial touch in shades of black, white, wood and a touch of greenery and steel. As would be expected, the cafe is also adorned with pug decorations as well.

Photo credit: Little Black Pug Cafe / Facebook

Human Food

Their menu, aside from being amazing and extensive, are also dog-friendly allowing dog owners to feed their pooches whilst they eat as well.

Don’t miss out on their Nacho Imposter, crispy corn fritters, tomato relish, guacamole and sour cream.

You can also try out their Woofles which is cheese waffles with smoked ham or salmon, herbed cream cheese and 63-degree eggs.

They also offer smoothies and smoothie bowls.

Delicious sweet treats are also available along with Toby’s Estate coffee.

And Pup Food!

For the pooches, there is a pup menu that includes puppycinnos, sweet potato, liver, and doggy ice cream from Hugo’s Ice Creamery are just some of the dishes being offered.

Address: 6/1297 Logan Rd.