New Proposal Calls for Mixed-Use Twin-Tower Development in Mount Gravatt

Did you know that a development application calling for the construction of numerous buildings on Logan Rd, Upper Mount Gravatt has been lodged with Brisbane City Council?

The slew of new buildings, each designed by Mode Design Group, will consist of one residential tower, one commercial office tower, retail outlets and restaurants across a large area consisting of 18,926 square metres of gross floor area, with 60% site cover over the 4,589 square metre development site.

This proposal aims to create a mixed-use development that provides Mount Gravatt with a combination of retail, offices, food and drink, and multiple dwellings through the use of a commercial and residential tower which can potentially stand up to 15 storeys tall. 

Photo credit: Brisbane City Council/Development.i

According to the proposal (DA A005687490), retail, restaurants, and food and drink outlets will all be located at the ground floor of the new office buildings. It will also provide a split pedestrian entrance and a cross block link to the back of the residential tower. 

Also located on the ground floor is a pedestrian plaza that gives visitors access to all of the site’s aforementioned retail and food outlets. Lifts will be available to bring people across numerous floors in the commercial and residential towers. 

All in all, the ground floor common across the towers will provide a total of 23 parking spaces, four retail and food and drink outlets, lobbies for the two towers, a covered dining area and lounge, landscaping and a water feature, and loading and drop off areas for vehicles.

Photo credit: Brisbane City Council/Development.i

The southern tower, dedicated to office facilities, takes up a total of 6,580 square metres of gross floor area and will contain three podium levels of office and six tower levels of office, standing ten storeys tall. It will come with four levels of basement car parking which will be shared with the residential building. 

On the other hand, the northern tower, which is residential, will be 15 storeys tall and located at the back of the site. It will have 38 single bedroom apartments, 24 double bedroom apartments, 24 double and single bedroom apartments, and 26 triple bedroom apartments. The second level offers tenants a communal space and swimming pool.

The proposal, which was lodged on the 19th of March 2021, has not yet been approved. The proposed towers can be found at 2188, 2192 and 2196 Logan Rd, Upper Mt Gravatt. 

Old Scurr Bros Site Transformation as a New Health Hub Set for 2021

The former site of Scurr Bros, a familiar southside Brisbane landmark for over 100 years, will soon be a health and wellness facility. Plans are underway to redevelop the property for 2021. 

P3 Projects Pty Ltd will handle the project development for the property owner, the Pigozzo Group. The commercial and retail site on Logan Road received Council approval in 2019 and it’s expected to bring in new business and jobs once completed.   

Health practitioners and members of the fitness and wellness industry are currently in discussions with the developer for possible tenancies. Construction of the new building is set for early 2021 and should open by the end of the year. 

Parts of the old Scurr Bros building will be retained but the structure will get an updated look and features. It will include multi-level offices with its individual entrances. The parking area will have improvements as well, whist a telecommunications tower at the south end of the car park will be redesigned as an architectural landmark. 

The site will also retain the Scurr Bros’ name to honor an integral part of the history of Mt Gravatt. 

Photo Credit: Pigozzo Group

A Look Back at the Old Scurr Bros Site

The Scurr Bros hardware store started as a small, family-run business over 100 years ago. They were originally blacksmith forgers who shifted to motor body work and then to hardware and timbre. 

William Scurr built the first building on Logan Road in 1913, whilst his brother Edward established a blacksmith shop on the site in 1928. By 1931, two more brothers joined the business to focus on motor body building. 

Photo Credit: Friends of Scurr Bros Hardware Mt Gravatt/Facebook

The Scurr brothers shifted to the hardware business in the 1950s and became a founding member of the  Mitre 10 chain. Three decades later, the site was redeveloped into what is currently the iconic yellow-brick building. 

By 1995, the business was sold after three generations of the Scurr family management.

Photo Credit: Friends of Scurr Bros Hardware Mt Gravatt/Facebook
Photo Credit: Friends of Scurr Bros Hardware Mt Gravatt/Facebook

Southeast Brisbane Welcomes the Health Hub

Residents in Brisbane’s southeast side like the idea of turning the Scurr Bros building into a health hub, whilst retaining parts of its history. Thousands of people could benefit from the services to be offered at the hub and it will bring in more jobs and businesses to the suburb.  

A descendant of the Scurr family is also happy knowing that the building’s structure will be retained. In 2015, the Pigozzo Group received Council approval to redevelop the site as a 110-unit residential area. They ditched this plan for the health hub after realizing that this is what Mt Gravatt needs.