Residential Development Proposed on Border of Broadwater, Logan and Whitley Roads

A 72-unit residential across four buildings is proposed on land bordered by Broadwater, Logan and Whitley Roads on Mount Gravatt.

Originally lodged in December 2020 and amended via a revised plan submitted last May 2022, the proposal involves the construction of four buildings with a maximum height of five storeys.

The building will comprise 57 three-bedroom and 15 two-bedroom units at 1572-1578 Logan Road, 14 Broadwater Road and 14-16 Whitley Street, Mount Gravatt. The existing buildings at the site will be knocked down to facilitate the development.

To be called “Salina Towers”, the development will feature private balconies or terraces, a swimming pool, a barbeque area, a gymnasium and a communal recreation area. There will also be 162 car parking spaces, 18 for visitors and 144 for residents. 

Driveway access will be provided via a 9m-wide crossover oriented towards the site’s eastern boundary fronting Whitley Street. Also, a 544 sqm of deep planting covering 11.9 per cent of the site area is also planned along with 579 sqm of landscaping at the ground level.

Logan Road View of buildings 2 and 3
Logan Road View of buildings 2 and 3 | Photo Credit:  Brisbane City Council /

“Visually, the contemporary building design is consistent with the intent and character of theprecinct. This includes a variety of materials, textures and colours both within the building and between each building,” Tam Dang Planning’s assessment report noted.

Corner of Logan Road and Broadwater Road view of Building 3
Corner of Logan Road and Broadwater Road view of Building 3 | Photo Credit:  Brisbane City Council /
Internal Courtyard looking east of building 2 and 4
Internal Courtyard looking east of building 2 and 4 | Photo Credit:  Brisbane City Council /

The proposal, however, met opposition from local residents with submissions expressing concerns over the buildings’ height, bulk and scale; car parking and its impact on the privacy of neighbouring residents.

“With the markets across the street taking place every Sunday and the marketta on a Friday and Saturday night I fear that parking for residents who currently live in the area will go from difficult to impossible.” – Karlee

“I am concerned for the privacy my family and I will be afforded as a residential building of six storeys will be little more than a viewing gallery to our attempts to use our yard to relax and entertain. I fear untethered objects may fall and if not cause damage to my property, to my young family.” –  Nicholas

“With a building height of 6 stories, this will significantly reduce access to sunlight for all townhouses in 18 Whitley Place that will border the proposed development. Each of these townhouses have a small area with a clothes line and garden. With a reduction in sunlight, gardens will suffer as well as reducing current residents access to natural sunlight for the drying of laundry and overall ambiance in their back areas.“ –  Ainslee

“This proposal for high density development is not suited for this area of Mount Gravatt due to its multiple towers that give the appearance of bulky building design and not aligned with Neighbourhood guidelines for the multi-residential developments in this area.” – Anonymous

KFC to Rise at Site of Mexican Eatery Montezuma

Montezuma, Mount Gravatt’s popular Mexican eatery found on the corner of Logan Road and Lumley Street, could soon close to make way for a new KFC outlet following the filing of a development application with Council.

According to the plan (DA A005637253), Montezuma’s fitout will not be torn down. Instead, the structures will undergo refacing, modifications and installations as it rebrands into a KFC, the popular American fried chicken fast-food chain. 

Collins Property Development Pty Ltd filed the application in mid-January 2021. The plan also includes a drive-through section via Lumley Street.

Per the application, parts of the car park area will be reduced from 55 to 31 to accommodate a pedestrian pathway and a dedicated loading bay.

Photo Credit: PD Online/Brisbane City Council
Photo Credit: PD Online/Brisbane City Council

Meanwhile, a spokesperson from Mesa Australia Pty Ltd, which owns Montezuma, said that it’s still business as usual in their Mount Gravatt outlet, as they await the arrival of a new CEO by February.

The spokesperson didn’t reveal any relocation plans for Mount Gravatt. Montezuma has other outlets in Albany Creek, Capalaba, Taringa, and North Ipswich.

Montezuma has been a restaurant franchise since the late 1970s. As with other businesses in the food industry, the restaurant has scaled-down dine-in operations and has been offering takeaway options.

Mains Road, Sunnybank and Logan Road, Mt Gravatt: Among Top 20 Car Crash Hot Spots, Data Revealed

Motorists beware! Be more alert and always obey road rules, especially when driving down Mains Road, Sunnybank and Logan Road, Mt Gravatt — two of the top car crash hot spots, according to the latest insurance claims data.

The latest report from the State’s peak motoring body, RACQ, revealed the list of 20 most accident-prone areas. The report is based on insurance claims data covering 1 January 2015 to 31 October 2018.

The 20 car crash hotspots list ranked Mains Road, Sunnybank and Logan Road, Eight Mile Plains, fourth and fifth respectively. Gympie Road, which runs through Chermside, Aspley, and Kedron, is the top car crash hotspot, according to the report.

“Unfortunately, the top 20 list is made up of a lot of the usual suspects. Gympie Road took out the top three spots, with Mains Road at Sunnybank and Logan Road at Eight Mile Plains rounding out the top five,” RACQ spokesperson Kirsty Clinton said

Roads that made the list, Ms Clinton said, are the typically heavily congested, high volume, and multi-lane roads with many intersections and locations for interactions between multiple vehicles.

Mains Rd, Sunnybank QLD 4109, Australia

“A large portion of the crashes will be rear-end crashes which happen during congestion and at traffic lights and sideswipes and crashes where drivers have failed to give way properly.”

“As always when behind the wheel, but even more so on busy roads, drivers need to avoid distraction, obey traffic signals, give way correctly, travel at a safe following distance and carefully check blind spots and indicate when merging or change lanes,” advised Ms Clinton.

Some road rules for everyday driving according to the Queensland Government website:

Changing Lanes

  • Give way to any vehicle in the lane you are moving into, even if your lane is ending and you have to cross a lane line.
  • Before you change lanes, you must indicate for long enough to give warning to other road users
  • You must turn off your indicator after you have changed lanes or merged.


  • On roads where there are lanes marked on the road—if your lane comes to an end, you must give way to traffic already in the lane you are moving to.
  • On roads where there are no lanes marked on the road—when lines of traffic merge, you must give way to any vehicle that is ahead of you.
Queensland Road Rules – merging

Video Credit: TMRQld/YouTube

Giving way

You need to give way if:

  • the rules say that you must
  • there’s a give way or stop sign
  • there are stop or give way lines on the road
  • you’re turning right across the path of an oncoming vehicle at an intersection
  • you’re turning left or right at a T-intersection
  • you’re moving onto a road from a driveway or land next to a road
  • you’re moving off from being stopped on the side of the road
  • you’re doing a U-turn
  • you’re turning left at an intersection with a ‘left turn on red after stopping’ sign.
Queensland Road Rules – giving way

Video Credit: TMRQld/YouTube

Safe Following Distance

  • Drive at least 2 seconds behind the vehicle in front during ideal conditions.
  • When driving a vehicle towing a trailer or caravan, you should add 1 second extra for each 3m of trailer length.
Queensland Road Rules – safe following distances

Video Credit: TMRQld/YouTube

The top 20 most accident-prone locations in Brisbane (1 January 2015 – 31 October 2018) :

  • Gympie Road, Chermside
  • Gympie Road, Aspley
  • Gympie Road, Kedron
  • Mains Road, Sunnybank
  • Logan Road, Eight Mile Plains
  • Moggill Road, Indooroopilly
  • Sandgate Road, Clayfield
  • Ipswich Road, Annerley
  • Anzac Avenue, Kippa-Ring
  • Anzac Avenue, Rothwell
  • Sandgate Road, Virginia
  • Milton Road, Milton
  • Pacific Motorway, Greenslopes
  • Logan Road, Mt Gravatt
  • Hamilton Road, Chermside
  • Coronation Drive, Milton
  • Beaudesert Road, Calamvale
  • Ipswich Motorway, Oxley
  • Old Cleveland Road, Carindale
  • Ipswich Motorway, Darra and Gateway Motorway, Nudgee