Mt Gravatt’s Lovewell Foundation Receives Prestigious Future2 Grant

Lauded for its efforts to provide a lifeline to women who have faced a spectrum of challenges such as domestic violence, addiction, and mental health issues, the Lovewell Foundation in Mt Gravatt has been recognised for its outstanding work with a significant grant from the Future2 Foundation.

The Lovewell Foundation stands among 15 other recipients, each playing a crucial role in their respective communities.

The foundation’s Better Futures program, deeply rooted in Mt Gravatt, has become a symbol of resilience and renewal, providing much-needed support to women from diverse and challenging backgrounds.

Empowerment Through Support

The grant awarded to the Lovewell Foundation marks a pivotal moment, allowing the organisation to extend its reach to an additional 50 to 60 women.

Annie Stonehouse from the Lovewell Foundation expressed her gratitude and excitement for the opportunity to expand their transformative program. 

“In 2024, thanks to the Future 2 generous grant, we are excited to be able to extend our reach and assist another 50-60 remarkable women in embarking on their journey towards Better Futures,” she said. “Working with Future 2, we get to walk this inspiring journey with inspiring women whose potential is not just realized but celebrated as they develop a Better Future for themselves and their children.”

This grant not only acknowledges the foundation’s past efforts but also lays the groundwork for future endeavours, further solidifying their role in empowering women to overcome adversity and build brighter futures.

A Collective Effort for a Better Tomorrow

The Future2 Foundation, known for its unwavering commitment to addressing social, financial, and physical hardships across Australia, has awarded $148,500 in grants to various recipients through its annual Make the Difference program.

Supporting a myriad of causes from mental health initiatives to youth empowerment programs, these grants represent a beacon of hope and a step towards a more inclusive and supportive society.

The Future2 Foundation’s Make the Difference program, in partnership with strategic supporters like AIA Australia and Tangelo Advice Consulting, is more than just a funding initiative.

This year’s program saw an unprecedented number of over 100 applications, reflecting the growing need for community-based support and intervention.

As these programs continue to grow and impact lives, they remind us of the inherent strength and resilience within our communities, particularly in places like Mt Gravatt, where organisations like the Lovewell Foundation are making a real difference.

For more details, follow the Lovewell Foundation on Facebook.

Published 19-Nov-2023