Margaux Parker Applauds Matildas, Calls on Fans to Support Women’s Sport

Speaking on Triple M Brisbane’s breakfast radio show, host Margaux Parker commended the Matildas for taking a stand as they highlighted the ongoing discussions on pay for male and female footballers.

In particular, the Matildas highlighted the disparity in prize money between the men’s and women’s World Cup tournaments,AND the lack of full-time professional opportunities for women in Australia’s domestic competition, the A-League Women.

Margaux Parker Calls for Support

Parker said sports fans need to actively support women’s leagues and matches.

“What needs to change is eyeballs on the game,” Parker said. “If you want to see women paid more for their participation in sport, you need to buy the tickets, you need to go to the games, you need to watch them.”

Parker encouraged listeners to bring family and friends to women’s sporting events. She argues that increased attendance is the only way women will get more opportunities and higher salaries in professional leagues. She acknowledged the quality gap compared to men’s sports, but said investing in women’s leagues now will help develop the games over time.

Ongoing Push for Equality in Sports

The debate around pay equality has escalated in recent years as female athletes continue to advocate for fair treatment. While progress has been made, pay gaps persist across many sports worldwide.

The Matildas hope their World Cup campaign will keep the issue in the spotlight. Meanwhile, personalities such as Parker are urging fans to actively support women’s sport to drive financial investment and growth.

Published 31 July 2023