Council, Sonia Anderson In Talks on Making Bianca Girven Tree a Permanent Memorial

A tree in Mt Gravatt Reserve has become a place of solace for those who are victims of domestic violence. Visitors have also been leaving flowers, trinkets, and mementos at the base of the tree.

Eight years ago, Bianca Faith Girven was killed by her boyfriend beside that tree at the park. The young mother of two had been advocating for domestic violence survivors when she was alive. To express their sympathies, people came to the tree to leave flowers for her.

Credit: The Red Heart Campaign Facebook

As the years passed, the tree has become a symbol of hope for domestic abuse victims. It has also been a spiritual place for Bianca’s mom, Sonia Anderson, and Bianca’s two young daughters.

Ms Anderson, her friends, and other extended families have even wrapped the tree with beautiful wool blankets and colourful yarns. After Bianca’s death, Ms Anderson has dedicated her time in a mission to end domestic violence, in support of her daughter’s advocacy.

Credit: The Red Heart Campaign Facebook

Recently, Brisbane City councillor Krista Adams met with Ms Anderson to talk about proposals for finally making the tree a permanent memorial site in the park. By providing a safe and comfortable place of commemoration, the council wants to express their support for Bianca’s mission and compassion to all the victims of domestic violence.

The initial proposal involves a park bench beside the tree, according to Cr Adams. The council will ask Bianca’s family to personally design the bench. There will also be a memorial plaque. Flowers will be planted within the surrounding of the tree to attract butterflies which hold a special part in Bianca’s heart.

Plans are not yet finalised but Cr Adams assured that they will be working hand in hand with Ms Anderson to come up with the perfect memorial for Bianca.

Bianca’s killer continues to remain in a forensic psychiatric facility after it was ruled that he was unfit to stand trial.

Whilst justice looks to be elusive, Ms Anderson and Bianca’s children could at least seek comfort right under Bianca’s tree, in a place which was marred by violence but is now a place for people to find comfort and peace.