Mt Gravatt Vultures Club Receives New Mouthguards for Upcoming Season

The Mt Gravatt Vultures Football Club has received all-new custom-fitted mouthguards from Bupa Dental Garden City, to enhance their health and safety for the coming 2021 season. 

Dr Greg Thomas, the Principal Dentist at Bupa Dental Garden City, explained that providing mouthguards is the most direct and effective way they could support their local sports club. 

“AFL is a physical sport and players can be at risk from dental trauma as a result of collisions or other mishaps. A custom-made mouthguard is an essential piece of personal protective equipment that can safeguard against unforeseen dental injuries incurred while playing the game.” says Dr Thomas. 

Mouthguards play an important role in the safety of all football players, acting as shock absorbers for their mouths and teeth. If a player is hit in the face with a ball or through colliding with another player, the blow sends shockwaves through their teeth, jaw, and skull. A mouthguard effectively minimises the damage by capturing those shockwaves, diffusing them, and then dispersing them. 

The Bupa Dental team, which has sponsored the Mt Gravatt Vultures Football Club for three years, has also taken this opportunity to inform and educate its players and members of staff on some of the dental issues caused by sports drinks. These drinks have the potential to cause tooth decay, which in turn influences sporting performance and general health. 

With their new mouthguards, the Mt Gravatt Vultures will be able to protect themselves from potential injuries such as broken teeth, or mouth and tongue injuries.

The Mt Gravatt Vultures Football Club can be found in Dittmer Park, 40 Klumpp Rd, Upper Mt Gravatt. To learn more about Bupa Dental Garden City, visit their website or follow their social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates and announcements.