Mt Gravatt East Locals Continue To Fight Against The Townhouse Development On Carrara and Nurran Street

A residential developerĀ is planning to build townhouses on three adjoining properties on Carrara and Nurran Streets in Mt Gravatt East. Upon learning this, residents formed a local action group to express their opposition against the development.

According to Mark Winters, the spokesman for the Mt Gravatt East Townhouse Development Action Group, the locals are against higher density dwellings in the neighbourhood. In fact, the tree-clearing onsite has angered locals who pointed out that the site is a wildlife habitat. Locals have also been feeling disempowered as they feel they have not been given the chance to speak up about the development.

An online petition has been put up, detailing all the reasons why locals are against the development. Their concerns include:

  • Concern over the clearing of mature native trees that are a koala habitat
  • Lack of public consultation and engagement
  • Lack of development application pre-lodgement information on the Brisbane City Council website
  • High-rise nature of the development

Residents are urging the local government and the council to stop all work on the site until the DA is lodged with the council and approved. Also, they are calling for the council officers to assess and report the impact of tree clearing. The local community also wants the owner of the development to engage with them.

Just last month, a public meeting regarding the development was held. Labor for Bonner Jo Briskey and MP Corrine McMillan also expressed their support to residents.

However, a consultant for Ray White Holland Park said that their proposed development has gained great support from local businesses as it will help them get more customers. He also said that this development will give first-time home buyers an affordable way to buy a residential property in the area.

Still, the dissent continues, fuelled by recent social media activity and reactions to the online petition.