Confirmed: New Speed Limit on Mt Gravatt Outlook Drive

Here’s to a safer road ahead! The speed limit on Mt Gravatt Outlook Drive will be reduced beginning 16 February 2022.

The speed limit on Mt Gravatt Outlook Drive, which has seen numerous serious crashes in recent years, will be reduced to 40km/hr beginning mid-February 2022. The announcement was made by Brisbane City Council Brisbane City Council in mid-December 2021.

Mt Gravatt Outlook Drive currently has a speed limit of 50km/hr. Whilst warning signs are in place to ensure that drivers slow down to 30km/hr when approaching a curve, serious crashes still occur. 

RACQ data reveals that between 2013 and 2017, there were about ten serious crashes that occured on Mt Gravatt Outlook Drive, with 12 people reported to have been seriously injured. 

While the road is inherently dangerous given its narrow lanes and blind corners, experts and motorists alike agree that driver behaviour, particularly speeding during nighttime, greatly contributes to the crash incidents in the area. 

Locals say that many drivers do not drive according to conditions. This not only endangers their lives but the lives of fellow unsuspecting drivers as well. The same could also be said about other drivers across Queensland. 

In fact, the 2020 Annual Road Safety Survey by RACQ revealed that in 2019, more than 70 per cent of Queensland drivers admit to at least one instance of speeding. Moreover, speeding was identified as the top fatal driver behaviour that Queensland drivers engaged in that year, regardless of age or location. 

Speeding has been largely observed in the 18 – 24  years old (88 per cent), and 25 – 34  years old and 35 – 44 years old  (75 per cent) age groups. Also, in 2019, 48 fatalities have resulted in crashes attributed to speeding which represents approximately 22 percent of all Queensland road fatalities.

In the case of Mt Gravatt Outlook Drive, Council is taking action by implementing this speed limit reduction to mitigate the incidence of serious car crashes in the area.