New Look for Mt Gravatt’s Scurr Bros’ Site Unveiled

The plan to breathe new life into the iconic Scurr Bros’ site at 1437 Logan Rd in Mount Gravatt will soon become a reality.

Owner Pigozzo Group recently unveiled the new designs of ‘Scurrs,’ a  health and wellness hub featuring the same building and its bricks, with a grey and black exterior.

As a way of honouring the family behind the site, the group opted to keep the structure and its carpark rather than have them demolished. The Scurr Bros’ site has already become one of the landmarks in Mt Gravatt, so Pigozzo also decided to retain its name.  

In addition to a health and wellness hub, the centre will be home to new retail outlets, a gym, childcare centre and medical-focused businesses.

Pigozzo’s development application was approved by the Brisbane City Council in 2011. Whilst they already have all the permits for operational works, they still do not have the approval for the 30-metre telecommunications tower.

David Seeney, project manager of the Pigozzo Group, said the height of the tower was not something they had control over since it was only dictated by current and future development in the area.

Pigozzo Group said the construction would likely start in September this year.

Scurr Bros’ Site Through the Years

The site was originally a Queenslander home built by William Scurr in 1913. Fifteen years later, his brother Edward built a blacksmith shop on the site.

The business later became a family affair, with their two other brothers Thomas and Jack joining in. They made horseshoes, ploughs, harrows, and scarifiers.

When cars took over in 1934, the family turned the blacksmith shop into a motor body building shop. It became a hardware store in 1954, like what many people today can remember.

Over three generations of the family worked in the business, until the Scurr Bros decided to sell it in 1995 to Woodmans Hardware.

Mount Gravatt Landmark Scurr Bros’ Site to Become a Health and Wellness Centre

The historic Mount Gravatt landmark, Scurr Bros’ site is about to get a transformation.

With hopes of bringing new businesses to the area, the iconic building will soon be home to new retail outlets, a medical consulting business, gym, and physiotherapist, as well as a childcare centre. This new build is anticipated to be completed by May 2019, 106 years after William Scurr first built his Queenslander on the same site.

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BCC already approved a development application for the Scurr Bros’ site at 1437 Logan Road in 2011. Previous plans for the 7,417 sqm property involved retail, commercial, and residential components. However, the site’s current owner Pigozzo Group said that the residential component will not continue.

As part of their efforts to retain the history of the site, the structure and its carpark will be revitalised instead of having the building demolished.

Paying tribute to the extraordinary family behind the well-known site, the developers also plan to retain the Scurr Bros’ name.

A Brief History of the Scurr Bro’s Site

The development of the Scurr Bro’s site started when William Scurr built a Queenslander-style house on the property in 1913.

Left to Right: Mr Sirat in the German Wagon (customer), George Scurr (who became an Anzac in the Light Horse Brigade), Hubert Underwood, Arthur Packer (customer), and Will Scurr (proprietor). Photo credit: Friends of Scurr Bros Hardware Mt Gravatt/Facebook

His brother, Edward (Ted) later built a humble blacksmith shop on the site in 1928.

Their brothers, Thomas and Jack also joined the family business in 1931. At the time, they made horseshoes, ploughs, harrows, and scarifiers.

By 1934 as cars started to take over, the Scurr family took on motor body building.

Photo credit: Friends of Scurr Bros Hardware Mt Gravatt/Facebook

The Scurr family then moved into hardware in 1952 and the site officially turned into a hardware store in 1954.

Scurr Bros became a foundation member of the Mitre 10 chain in Queensland in 1962, with Arthur Scurr as Queensland chairman. He held the position for more than 30 years.

Scurr Bros’ site taken: 1995/2018 Photo credit: Friends of Scurr Bros Hardware Mount Gravatt/Facebook

In 1973, the old hardware store was demolished and was replaced by the current building.

Three generations of the family went on to work in the business over the years and by 1995, Scurr Bros was sold to Woodmans Hardware.

The Scurr brothers certainly have a special place in the hearts of Mount Gravatt’s local community. Having a new building that retains the Scurr Bros name will surely carry on the family’s legacy.