Donate or Borrow Books for Free at Local Street Library in Mt Gravatt East

If you are a bookworm, you wouldn’t have any problem adhering to a New Year’s resolution to read more books. Well, here’s one more reason to get a headstart on the year as The Bookworm’s Local Street Library in Mt Gravatt East lets you borrow books for free.

The Bookworm’s Local Street Library is a community library where people can borrow or donate books without cost.

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Open since July 2017, this simple literary haven is the product of the owner’s desire for sharing her love for books. Since its opening in a front yard in the suburb of Mt Gravatt East, so many people had already used the library.

Borrow Books for Free

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The humble street library has a dedicated cabinet for kids’ books and a separate one for adults. With the help of supportive locals who donated their books, The Bookworm’s Local Street Library now houses an ever-changing collection of books.

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The Bookworm’s Local Street Library in Mt Gravatt East is still accepting book donations. For adult fiction books, the library is only accepting those that are published in the last eight years. On the other hand, they accept all non-fiction and children’s books.

Visitors can come and borrow or donate books any time of the day as the library is open all day.

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A friendly reminder for borrowers: remember to return the books as all of them are carefully stamped, stickered, and covered in plastic. This only shows how much the ‘librarian’ cares for every book donated to them.

For further information and updates on the community street library, you may visit The Bookworm’s Local Street Library’s Facebook page.