Triple P Equips Grandparents With Skills To Support Grandkids

Twenty members of the Mt Gravatt Men’s Shed gathered for a Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) session to equip grandparents with skills to support their grandchildren in managing anxiety and building emotional resilience.

L-R Lionel Armistead of the Mt Gravatt Mens Shed and Dr Michael Herd from the Triple P Positive Parenting Program
Photo Credit: Supplied

Dr. Michael Herd of Triple P led the one-hour seminar held on October 16, offering insights from the “Fear-Less” program, generously funded and accessible to all Australian parents and caregivers.

L-R Mt Gravatt Mens Shed members Baska Desha and Peter Lindsay participating in the Triple P Fear-Less seminar at the shed on 16 October 2023
Photo Credit: Supplied

With Grandparents Day on October 29th, Triple P experts highlight the unique challenges grandparents caring for Generation Alpha kids face. They stress the importance of grandparents trusting their own wisdom.

Dr. Alan Ralph, Head of Training at Triple P International, noted the growing role of grandparents in childcare but highlighted their unfamiliarity with discussing mental health and anxiety.

Dr. Ralph stated, “Australia’s grandparents now provide the most informal child care for children at a time when children are experiencing higher levels of anxiety and stress. Additionally, grandparents may struggle with new technology and ever-changing social media platforms, leaving them feeling ill-prepared to support their grandchildren during challenging times.”

In response, Triple P offers three critical tips for helping anxious grandchildren:

  1. Recognise, understand, and accept a child’s feelings.
  2. Teach children how to express their feelings.
  3. Help children develop an optimistic outlook.

The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program is a government-supported resource, accessible at

The Mt Gravatt Men’s Shed event showcases the importance of community support in addressing grandparenting challenges and nurturing future generations’ well-being.

Published 26-October-2023