Mercure Brisbane Garden City Hotel in Upper Mount Gravatt to be Demolished for New Apartments Project

Melbourne-based diversified investment group and property developer, Salter Brothers, is set to make its first development play in the Queensland capital with new apartments right in Upper Mount Gravatt.

The project involves the demolition of the Mercure Brisbane Garden City Hotel in Upper Mount Gravatt and the development of a new 17-level apartment building at 18 Macgregor Street, Upper Mount Gravatt. The 5,356 sqm site is ideally located a mere five-minute walk from Garden City Westfield, one of Brisbane’s largest shopping centres.

Mercure Brisbane Garden City Hotel
Photo Credit: Google Maps

The plans for the mixed-use building, created by Bates Smart, a firm with a rich history dating back to the mid-1850s, include 101 apartments above a four-level podium. This podium will house a 90-space childcare centre and parking for 107 cars.

Photo Credit: Bates Smart

The residential apartments, starting from level six and running through to level 17, are designed as “gently undulating petals,” according to Bates Smart’s submission to the Brisbane City Council. The design is inspired by the native indigenous Tea Tree Flower and Wallum Banksia, two species of flora endemic to the region. Each apartment is expressed as an individual ‘petal’ with a curved edge, spatially and visually separated from the adjacent apartment.

Each floor will house eight apartments, six two-bedrooms, and two three-bedrooms. The living rooms and balconies capitalise on the views and solar access.

A rooftop communal terrace, conceived as an extension of the nearby Toohey Forest Park, will span the entirety of level 18. The rooftop will feature a pool, mineral spa, and a landscaped seating area oriented to the north, offering a primary view outlook towards Mount Gravatt. Additional amenities include a resident gym, an amenity room, and a landscaped barbecue area.

Photo Credit: Bates Smart

Bates Smart drew inspiration from the local Turrbal and Jagera Peoples’ name for Mount Gravatt, ‘kaggur-madul’, meaning the ‘Place of the Echidna’, or ‘Where Echidnas Rest’, when designing the external shading system. The design mimics the delicate fine grain repetition of echidna spikes, reminiscent of traditional indigenous jewellery making.

Meanwhile, down in its native Melbourne, Salter is currently developing Candela Ivanhoe, a project comprising 62 one, two, three, and four-bedroom apartments in Melbourne’s northeast.

Published 26-April-2024

Community Unites to Preserve Undeveloped Bushland Corridor Next to Toohey Forest

The 26-acre property adjacent to Toohey Forest in Upper Mount Gravatt is an unassuming patch of land. To the untrained eye, it’s just another overgrown lot dotted with relics of its farming heritage. But to environmental experts, it represents something far more significant – a rare opportunity to expand critical habitat for Brisbane’s native flora and fauna.

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The potential sale of the parcel of land, located at 139 Klumpp Road in Upper Mount Gravatt, represents a unique chance to safeguard and grow the habitat for native plants and animals, according to Michael Fox, co-President of the Mt Gravatt Environment Group (MGEG). 

Mr Fox notes that since 2007, the group has documented an impressive 280 different species of native plants thriving in the area. Living nearby, Mr Fox is intimately familiar with the forest’s wildlife, including two families of squirrel gliders and a population of koalas that call Toohey Forest their home. 

Photo credit: Michael Fox/Mt Gravatt Environment Group

Dr Carla Catterall, Emeritus Professor of Environmental Sciences at Griffith University, noted in a letter to Brisbane City Council that securing the land comes with several benefits, including avoiding compromising the longer-term ecological integrity, flora and fauna of Toohey forest; and enabling preservation and enhancement of the riparian and aquatic habitats, and water quality, in Mimosa Creek.

Photo credit: Michael Fox/Mt Gravatt Environment Group

Dr Catterall and local environmental groups like MGEG are urging Council to seize this chance to purchase and restore the Klumpp Road site through an online petition, transforming it into a strategic wildlife corridor linking Toohey Forest to the nearby Roly Chapman Bushland Reserve.

Photo credit:

“If the council purchases this land they could build a koala-safe fence. Volunteers from schools and community groups could assist with planting native plants and trees, including suitable koala food sources. The reserve is home to over a hundred species of birds as well as koalas, wallabies and echidnas. It is worth investing in,” the petition reads.

Toohey Forest
Photo credit:

Their calls come amidst growing concerns over the relentless destruction of koala habitat across southeast Queensland, prompting the Australian government to recently reclassify the iconic marsupial as an endangered species.

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The land is believed to have once been owned by the Williams family – among Brisbane’s pioneering settler families. The Williams are said to have introduced irrigation techniques to grow pineapples, lettuce and celery to the region, cementing their legacy as farming trailblazers. 

Whilst the e-petition has already ended earlier this month, the race is still on for Council to submit an expression of interest for the coveted Klumpp Road property before 30 March 2024, securing the critical biodiversity corridor before developers potentially move in.

Published 12-March-2024

Measles Case Confirmed in Upper Mount Gravatt

A case of measles has been confirmed in Upper Mt Gravatt with Queensland Health warning the public to remain alert for symptoms. Measles, one of the most infectious communicable diseases, spreads through coughing and sneezing, causing symptoms such as fever, cough, runny nose, and a distinctive red rash with sore eyes. 

Symptoms typically appear seven to 10 days after exposure. Anyone developing measles-like symptoms within the next fortnight should contact their GP for advice. Notably, the infected person visited specific locations, including Upper Mount Gravatt, while potentially infectious.

Potential Exposure Locations

  • Subway, The Village, 1932 Logan Road, Upper Mount Gravatt
    • Thursday, January 18, 3:00 pm to 3:45 pm
  • Coles, The Village, 1932 Logan Road, Upper Mount Gravatt
    • Thursday, January 18, 3:15 pm to 4:00 pm
  • Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse, 1290 Logan Road, Mount Gravatt
    • Monday, January 22, 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm
  • Emergency Department, Princess Alexandra Hospital
    • Monday, January 22, 3:15 pm to Tuesday, January 23, 6:45 am

Stay Alert and Vaccinated

Measles is highly contagious, primarily transmitted through respiratory droplets. Its symptoms can escalate rapidly, causing severe illness, hospitalization in approximately 30% of adults, and, although rare, life-threatening complications. 

Metro South Health Public Health physician Dr Mark Stickley emphasises the importance of staying vigilant if you visited these locations during the specified times unless you meet certain vaccination criteria. 

If you were born before 1966, received two doses of the Measles Mumps Rubella (MMR) vaccine, or had a documented measles illness in the past, you may have lower risks. However, those unsure about their immunity should consult their doctor to verify their vaccination status. It’s crucial to call the medical practice first if you suspect you could have measles to prevent the potential spread of the disease to others.

Published 29-Jan-2024

Public Urged to be Wary of ATM Skimming Scam, Arrests Made in Upper Mt Gravatt and Sydney

Authorities are warning the public to be extra vigilant when using ATMs after three foreign nationals were arrested in Upper Mt Gravatt and Sydney last week for their alleged role in a sophisticated ATM skimming ring targeting customers across the country.

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Three Romanian men, aged 37, 34, and 21, were taken into custody last week after police received a tip-off from a financial institution about a card skimming device and pinhole camera installed on an ATM on Queen Street. 

Detectives monitored the ATM and observed two of the men, ages 37 and 21,  approach it on August 2. The men attempted to flee when confronted by officers but were apprehended. 

A search of an Upper Mount Gravatt property the following day led to the arrest of the third man. Police allegedly uncovered additional evidence related to the skimming operation, including two pinhole cameras used for secretly recording PINs and several fraudulent identification documents. These items included fake bank cards, as well as images of a driver’s licence and passport likely used in the scam.

ATM skimming
Photo credit: Queensland Police Service

ATM skimmers are illegal devices that clone debit and credit card data when unsuspecting customers use compromised cash machines. The skimming ring is believed to be part of a larger international operation that was sending equipment to Australia from countries including China, the UK, and the US.

In May, the US Secret Service arrested five people related to the scam in the United States. Their investigation tipped off the Australian Federal Police that members of the group were active down under.

The three men have been charged with fraud-related offences. Two other alleged co-conspirators, a 32-year-old woman and 33-year-old man, were arrested in Sydney on August 5.

Police say the group was skilled at disguising skimmers and pinhole cameras to blend in seamlessly with ATM machinery. Customers likely had no idea their financial data was being stolen as they accessed their accounts.

ATM skimming
Photo credit: Sebastian Ganso/Pixabay

Authorities warn the public to be on guard when using ATMs and to immediately contact their bank and police if they notice suspicious transactions. The crime ring is believed to have defrauded numerous victims before being caught.

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Detective Superintendent Craig McGrath said identity theft and skimming devices carry a maximum penalty of 5 years in prison and that police will continue efforts to bring fraudsters targeting Queenslanders to justice. The men will face court again in September and October 2023 as the criminal investigation continues.

Published 15-August-2023

Lumley Street Shops in Upper Mt Gravatt Receive Exciting Upgrades

The Lumley Street Shops precinct has undergone an exciting transformation, aimed at enhancing the overall ambiance and appeal of the neighbourhood retail centre in Upper Mt Gravatt.

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The recent upgrades, completed by Brisbane City Council in April 2023 as part of the Village Precinct Projects program (VPP), have injected new life into the neighbourhood shopping hub.

The most notable changes include the addition of new street trees and garden beds, offering a fresh burst of greenery to the streetscape. These natural elements not only beautify the area but also contribute to a more pleasant and welcoming environment for shoppers.

Lumley Street Shops
Photo credit: Brisbane City Council/Facebook

In addition, a recently built walkway has been established to enhance accessibility across the entire area. This improvement guarantees smooth navigation and an enjoyable shopping experience for all visitors, including those with mobility difficulties.

As part of the upgrade, the Lumley Street Shops area also now boasts new and stylish street furniture. These additions provide comfortable seating options for shoppers who wish to take a break, relax, or simply soak in the vibrant atmosphere of the precinct. The new furniture adds a touch of modernity to the streetscape, further enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

Lumley Street Shops
Photo credit: Brisbane City Council/Facebook

Another exciting feature of the revitalisation project is the introduction of nature-themed paintings for visitors to discover and enjoy. These artistic creations add a splash of colour and creativity to the surroundings, inviting passersby to appreciate and engage with the local art scene.

Established in 1959, the Lumley Street Shops precinct has long been a popular destination for both residents and visitors. The precinct offers free parking, making it convenient for shoppers to explore the area. 

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Surrounded by mature Hapulian Trees, the shops provide a serene atmosphere, allowing visitors to enjoy a range of amenities, including barista-made coffees, cold beers, fresh food, and delectable desserts.

Within the precinct, there are 13 vibrantly operated businesses, catering to a variety of needs and preferences. From a chiropractic clinic and massage therapies to a tattoo parlour and beauty salon, there is something for everyone in the neighbouring streets of Upper Mount Gravatt.

Published 29-May-2023

Upper Mount Gravatt Mum Gives Back and Supports Breast Cancer Research

Emma Perkins, a newly married Upper Mount Gravatt mum and breast cancer patient wanted to give back to the facility that helped catch and treat her condition. Find out what she did.

Perkins was only 12 weeks into her pregnancy when doctors revealed she had Stage 3 breast cancer. Her first thoughts after her diagnosis were for her unborn baby – and whether he would survive.

“The news was overwhelming,” Perkins, 41, of Upper Mount Gravatt said. “I was told that the pregnancy was actually fuelling the type of cancer I had.”

Oncologists and breast cancer nurses at Mater Private Hospital Brisbane prepared Perkins for the treatment that lay ahead. She received chemotherapy specifically developed to protect her unborn child, as well as a lumpectomy, node removal and other breast surgeries.

Upper Mount Gravatt mom
Photo Credit: Supplied
Photo Credit: Supplied

Then, she gave birth to a beautiful and healthy 3kg baby boy, Owen, at Mater Mothers’ Hospital in South Brisbane. Her fight against breast cancer is far from finished and she faces several more rounds of chemotherapy.

“The hardest thing is not knowing if I will see my child grow up,” Perkins said. “It’s the hardest thing I face every day.”

Upper Mount Gravatt mum
Photo Credit: Supplied

One of the things helping her through the tough times is the support of her husband Jamie Perkins, 42, and the support from her friends, family, and colleagues.

“We were newlyweds. Jamie has been very supportive of me from the beginning and being able to hold Owen in my arms every day is a miracle,” Perkins said.

Upper Mount Gravatt mum
Photo Credit: Supplied

Her diagnosis took her by surprise but she admits she had noticed changes to her breasts and put off seeing a doctor because she was “too busy”. One in every four Queensland breast cancer patients is treated at Mater facilities across south-east Queensland and Perkins is urging other women who notice changes to their breasts to get checked immediately.

“I was getting some pain, but I just thought it was pregnancy related,” Perkins said.

To give back to the hospital that saved the life of her unborn baby by providing treatment throughout her breast cancer journey, Perkins has signed up for this year’s sold-out International Women’s Day Fun Run, presented by National Storage – Australia’s largest International Women’s Day celebration. 

She is being joined by almost 40 work colleagues from Grove Juice, her husband and little Owen, at the 5km fun run held in Brisbane on 12 March. The event raises vital funds for breast cancer research and services in Mater Foundation’s biggest community event of the year.

Photo Credit: Supplied

Mater Oncologist and Mater Cancer Care Researcher (Clinical Trials) Dr Rebecca Moor said Perkins was one of six pregnant women diagnosed with cancer at Mater in the last 12 months.

“It is a challenging clinical situation since the welfare of both the mother and baby must be considered. The cancer Emma has is rare in young women,” Dr Moor said.

“Pregnancy affects what investigations can be done, how well they can be interpreted and what treatments can be given. 

“Treatment is complex and requires a large specialist multidisciplinary team including obstetrics, Maternal Fetal Medicine, a specialist midwife, obstetric medicine, oncologists, a cancer care nurse, surgeons, a breast care nurse, pharmacists, and a paediatrician.”

Photo Credit: Supplied

She said pregnant women often dismissed changes to their breasts while pregnant or breastfeeding.

“If you notice any change, even a lump, get it checked out” Dr Moor said.

She said Mater Research – which receives funding from the fun run – was striving for ways to improve breast cancer patient outcomes.

“A huge part of this is by delivering cutting edge treatments through involvement in breast cancer clinical trials,” Dr Moor said. 

“Clinical trials at Mater Research are a really important option for our patients, especially for advanced cancer patients. It’s another line of therapy for them.

“With advanced cancer, every six months we can give a patient is precious. Additional treatment means the world to them.

“These trials may offer patients additional lines of treatment, or access to new therapies not yet available on the PBS.”

Ash Mondolo, Clinical Nurse Consultant at Mater Private Hospital Brisbane, said that the incidence of breast cancer was steadily growing in Australia, but improvements in treatment and care meant that more women are successfully beating or living with breast cancer.

“Women must regularly check their breasts and seek medical advice if they notice any changes,” Ms Mondolo said.

“If you are invited to a mammogram, make sure you go. Breast cancer doesn’t care if you’re busy. A 10-minute mammogram could save your life.”

While the Fun Run has sold out, people can still register for the virtual event, which can happen anywhere in their local neighbourhood. Emma has raised more than $2000.

Published 12 March 2023

Residents Fear Development Will Bring More Traffic To Klumpp Road

A group of residents from Upper Mount Gravatt are worried that a proposal to build three residential towers at Klumpp Road could bring more traffic to the area.

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The locals took to social media to express their worries about the development application for 110 Klumpp Road, Upper Mt Gravatt. According to residents, it may cause further traffic along the Westfield shopping complex and on the entry of the Pacific Motorway. 

Oakridge Property Group, developers of the residential towers, sought the removal of resident parking on the ground floor level from their original proposal, including apartments to the said level with large green terraces connecting to communal recreation amenities.

Klumpp Road
Photo credit: MAS- Architecture Studio

To be called “The Pavilion,” the towers would have a total of 144 units, distributed among two towers of 5 storeys and one tower of 6 storeys. The units will be a mix of one-, two-, and three-bedroom units.

Klumpp Road
Photo credit: MAS- Architecture Studio

Designed by MAS- Architecture Studio, the towers will feature a swimming pool and bbq area, and recreation facilities to match the surrounding greenery.

Another concern from residents is the number of parking being sought for the residential towers, which is a total of 199 residents and 28 visitor car parking spaces.

In response to the residents’ concerns, Oakridge Property Group said the intersection upgrades, which are part of the proposal, will be undertaken to further mitigate the traffic caused by the development.

Photo credit: MAS- Architecture Studio

The developers added that the site has a potential for increased public and active transport use, given that it’s well located to bus services at Klumpp Rd and the Veloway bike path.

A traffic report for the application also states that “the site’s additional traffic generation, compared to the approved development, does not warrant further assessment and the Approved upgrade works at the Klumpp Road / Hibiscus Place intersection remain relevant.”

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Further details about the revised proposal (A006164710) can be viewed at Brisbane City Council’s PD Online.

Developer Seeks To Build Residential Building In Upper Mount Gravatt

A five-storey apartment building could rise at Hertford Street in Upper Mount Gravatt, if a development application gets approved.

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Based on plans submitted to Brisbane City Council, each of the four levels will have six units to accommodate a total of 24 units whilst the ground floor will be constructed as a suspended structure for car parking.

Upper Mount Gravatt
Photo credit: Brisbane City Council/Red Door Architecture

A total of 49 car parking spaces will be provided on the suspended podium level, where 42 will be for residents, six for visitors and one for shared space.

Photo credit: Brisbane City Council/Red Door Architecture

As part of the application, developers have proposed to establish a new crossover, with direct access to Hertford St, given that the subject site, at 32 Hertford Street, Upper Mount Gravatt does not currently have a crossover to the street.

Photo credit: Brisbane City Council/Red Door Architecture

Designed by Red Door Architecture, it will feature a rooftop level which will have its own communal open spaces, featuring a BBQ area, outdoor alfresco and dining area, enhanced by landscaping.

“The design of the proposed development has had regard to the recently adopted provisions to provide a high quality rooftop communal open space for future residents, incorporating generous landscaping that integrates with the overall built form, and enhances the amenity of the rooftop garden,” planners at Town Planning Alliance wrote.

Upper Mount Gravatt
Photo credit: Brisbane City Council/Red Door Architecture

In the planning documents, it’s stated that the subject site is susceptible to overland flow flooding, and is confirmed to have an overland flow path traverse across the site.

In response, the applicant is planning to construct a wall structure in the undercroft area along the eastern boundary of the site to minimise flood level impacts to neighbouring properties. 

“Consequently, the proposed development has been designed to incorporate a suspended podium ground level with an undercroft at an appropriate height to ensure the development does not impact upon the overland flow. A driveway ramp is proposed from the south-eastern part of the site’s frontage to Hertford Street to facilitate access to the site from street level,” planning documents read.

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To learn more about the proposed multiple dwellings on Hertford Street, visit Brisbane City Council’s website, with the reference A006030769.

Anti-Mosquito Measures to Protect Yourself from Japanese Encephalitis Exposure in Mount Gravatt

Mount Gravatt, Mount Gravatt East, Upper Mount Gravatt, and a number of other Brisbane suburbs have had a spraying blitz following news of South East Queensland’s first case of Japanese encephalitis in 24 years.

As the rains and the devasting flooding event have turned wet spaces into breeding grounds for mosquitoes, here’s what you need to know to protect yourself from JE exposure.

Symptoms of Japanese Encephalitis

Japanese encephalitis is a virus that causes a brain infection. It’s transmitted through an infected mosquito bite that may manifest symptoms within 5 to 15 days of the infection. The experts said that JE cannot be transmitted from person to person and it’s usually not transmitted by the most prevalent mosquito species in Queensland.

However, 99 per cent of JE virus infections will show no symptoms, per Queensland Health. Those who do could develop high fever and chills, severe headache, photophobia, neck stiffness, nausea, or vomiting, which could lead to convulsions or coma. A third of patients whose conditions become severe may develop permanent disabilities or succumb to the disease.  

Prevention Measures

As the Council continues to monitor mosquito traps located across the city, residents may reduce their risks by doing the following below, per advice from the Australian Department of Health

  • applying and regularly reapplying an effective insect repellent on exposed skin
  • wearing long, loose fitting clothing when outside
  • ensuring accommodation, including tents, are properly fitted with mosquito nettings or screens
  • using insecticide sprays, vapour dispensing units (indoors) and mosquito coils (outdoors) to clear rooms and repel mosquitoes from an area
  • covering all windows, doors, vents and other entrances with insect screens
  • removing any water-holding containers where mosquitoes may breed

The best mosquito repellents to use must contain diethyltoluamide (DEET), picaridin, or oil of lemon eucalyptus. 

Subsequently, locals may be immunised against JE. Distribution and administration of the vaccines will be focused on at-risk groups, such as workers in piggeries, pork abattoirs, or pork-processing plants, laboratory workers who could be exposed to the virus, environmental health workers, and people who reside in locations with confirmed cases.  

The vaccines are expected to be available from late March to April through the Communicable Diseases Network Australia (CDNA).

Meanwhile, Council has sprayed target areas in these suburbs as of 8 March 2022: 

Bald Hills
Brisbane Airport
Brisbane City Council
Camp Hill
Cannon Hill
Deception Bay
Everton Park
Ferny Grove
Holland Park
Holland Park West
Karana Downs
Mango Hill
Manly West
Moreton Bay Council
Mt Crosby
Mt Gravatt East
Norman Park
Pinjarra Hills
Port of Brisbane
Redland Council
Sandstone Point
Seven Hills
Seventeen Mile Rocks
St Lucia
The Gap
Upper Mt Gravatt
Victoria Point
Wellington Point
Wynnum West

Dumpling Alert! New Shanghai Now Open At Westfield Garden City

New Shanghai is now serving its popular dumplings and xiao long bao at Westfield Garden City in Upper Mount Gravatt. 

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Aside from their fresh dumplings and tasty xiao long bao, customers can expect to find familiar Shanghainese classics, such as, pan fried pork buns, handmade dumplings, and Chinese stir-fry, as well as more elusive dishes like rainbow beef (sweet and sour crispy beef) and braised pork belly.

New Shanghai dishes
Photo credit: New Shanghai/Facebook

New Shanghai Mt Gravatt also launched a brand new skewers-style menu featuring the likes of satay chicken, pork belly, and Wagyu asparagus rolls in addition to their usual menu featured in numerous locations across Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne.

New Shanghai customers
Photo credit: New Shanghai/Facebook

Only a 15-minute drive from the CBD, the new venue can accommodate up to 150 diners.  Guests can watch dumplings being made in the live dumpling-making theatre. Like other New Shanghai locations in the city, the one at Garden City is a cosy restaurant with a hip space and rustic-chic Chinese decor. 

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New Shanghai interior
Photo credit: New Shanghai/Facebook

They have a lengthy drinks list, from coffee and tea to their signature cold mixed drinks, and ‘mocktails.’ They also have spirits and wines for those who like washing down their meals with alcoholic beverages.

Photo credit: New Shanghai/Facebook

New Shanghai is open daily from 11:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. They are located on the Level 2 of Westfield Garden City. For bookings and more information, visit their website or follow New Shanghai’s official Facebook page