Koala’s Nighttime Adventure in Upper Mt Gravatt Captivates Southside Brisbane

Residents of Upper Mt Gravatt witnessed an unusual spectacle when a koala was spotted making its way across a busy road late at night.

The incident showed the marsupial deftly dodging traffic and then climbing a refuge island sign, much to the amazement of onlookers.

Tuan Nguyen, the owner of Alice Viet restaurant in Upper Mt Gravatt, was returning home from work when he witnessed the surprising sight. 

“After work, we went home, I think very late, when we saw it crossing the road. It then climbed on a sign pole,” Mr Nguyen recalled

Upper Mt Gravatt Koala
Photo Credit: Tuan Nguyen
Upper Mt Gravatt Koala
Tuan Nguyen

This encounter marked a rare instance of wildlife venturing into urban settings, particularly in such a public and potentially hazardous environment.

The incident prompted calls to a local koala rescue group, who advised leaving the animal alone as it appeared unharmed. The next morning, the koala had moved on, indicating it possibly found its way back to its natural habitat. 

This occurrence highlights the growing presence of koalas in the region, particularly around Whites Hill Nature Reserve and Toohey Forest. 

In response to the increased sightings and the dangers posed by traffic, the State Government has erected a koala-proof fence along the M1 adjacent to Toohey Forest. Additionally, there are ongoing campaigns advocating for reduced speed limits on roads like Boundary Rd that cut through key koala habitats.

Published 8-Dec-2023

Accomplished Upper Mt Gravatt Detective Awarded the Australian Police Medal

Congratulations to Detective Sergeant Katrina Carr for being one of 12 recipients from the QLD Police Service of the Australian Police Medal for 2023. Det Sgt Carr rose through the ranks at the Upper Mount Gravatt Police Station.

Ms Carr was designated in Upper Mount Gravatt in 1994 and proved a competent investigator. As a medal awardee, Ms Carr’s contribution to policing has been an astonishing accomplishment.

She is currently the Education and Training Officer at the Queensland Police Academy, where she’s committed to developing and delivering training on trauma informed responses to sexual assaults and domestic violence to detectives.

The esteemed policewoman is also a volunteer for TREK2HEALTH, a not-for-profit organisation committed to providing support for veterans and first responders to maintain their physical and mental health.

This year’s Australian Police Medal awardees have a range of backgrounds with diverse experience, having served throughout Queensland in several roles and areas. They were recognised for their leadership, innovation and initiative. 

Australian Police Medals
Photo Credit: Queensland Police Service/Facebook

“Each officer has their own story – often comprised of the challenges they’ve faced and overcome through their career, but also the rewarding memories about the role they’ve played in their communities and the lives of everyday Queenslanders,” Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll said.

“I am incredibly proud to know and understand the impact these officers have in shaping a positive future for individuals they interact with, the communities they serve and our organisation.

“I congratulate them for receiving this significant honour today.

“We don’t join the Service for any accolades, but each of these officers is deserving of this recognition for the work they’ve done across the span of their careers,” the commissioner added.

“The recipients are dedicated officers of the QPS who are committed to keeping Queenslanders safe. I congratulate and thank each and every one of them.”

Developer Seeks Changes To ‘The Pavilion’ In Upper Mt Gravatt

Developers of ‘The Pavilion,’ a new residential development in Klumpp Road, Upper Mount Gravatt have submitted plans to revise their original proposal.

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Oakridge, the developers of the project, is seeking to eliminate resident parking on ground floor level, to include apartments to the said level with large green terraces connecting to communal recreation amenities.

The revised proposal for The Pavilion, located at 10 Klumpp Road, Upper Mt Gravatt, will increase the number of units from 141 to 144 medium density units. The units will be distributed among two towers of 5 storeys and one tower of 6 storeys.

Artist’s perspective (Photo credit: MAS- Architecture Studio)

Changes to the original proposal also include increased net area of communal amenities by relocation of swimming pool and shortening of visitor parking ramp.

Designed by MAS- Architecture Studio, the revised design seeks the inclusion of natural ventilation to lobbies on typical floors; rationalisation of apartment layouts; and reactivation of street interface via direct access from Klumpp Road to apartment terraces.

Towers 1 and 3 will span the majority of the site whilst the central tower will have a predominant square shape and will be between Towers 1 and 3. 

Photo credit: MAS- Architecture Studio

“The resulting central courtyard void created is then used as a common recreation facility. With space for bbq and swimming pool activities, they are threaded together with softened landscaping and carefully articulated meandering footpaths that arrives at each tower lobby,” the planning documents read.

The Pavilion will also feature spaces for bbq and swimming pool, as well as a common recreation facility, which all blends with the surrounding greenery.

Photo credit: MAS- Architecture Studio

The developer is seeking minor adjustment to location of vehicle crossover to Hibiscus Place to facilitate access to the ground level car park fronting Klumpp Road. The developer has also stated that the proposed parking supply of 199 resident and 28 visitor car parking spaces meets the site’s parking requirement.

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For more details about the development application, visit Brisbane City Council’s PD Online and see A006164710.

Roman Siulepa of Upper Mt Gravatt Set to Join NBA Global Academy

Upper Mt Gravatt-based basketball player Roman Siulepa is a step closer to his NBA dream after being selected to join the NBA Global Academy in July 2022.

Fresh from the U18 Australian Junior Championships, Roman Siulepa, who has played for both Queensland and Southern Districts, was chosen along with Carlin Briggs and James O’ Donnell for the scholarship.

The talented 15-year-old is also set to join the Australian Under 17 Men’s team who will compete in the FIBA Asia Cup this June.

NBA Global Academy

The NBA Global Academy is one of NBA Academy’s elite basketball training centres situated at Basketball Australia’s Centre of Excellence.

It serves as the NBA’s hub for top high school-age prospects from around the world. NBA Global Academy, in collaboration with teams and coaches from the Centre of Excellence, trains up to 16 athletes each year.

An Inspiration to Others

“I feel very privileged to be selected in an exclusive program as good as this and I’m keen to get to Canberra and get amongst it with the lads. I will bring plenty of energy and thank all my Queensland teammates for helping me achieve this goal,” said Siulepa.

With his impressive 100-kg physique on a 6’7″ frame, Roman is described as a powerhouse who is driven to win each game he plays. Excelling at both basketball and rugby, Roman chose to pass on the opportunity to play with the All Blacks rugby team in order to concentrate on his basketball training. 

Roman credits his mum for the inspiration and the “push” to enable him to become a better basketball player.

With the great opportunity that has just come their way, Roman, Carlin, and James have become even more inspired to pursue their dream of playing in the world’s premier men’s professional basketball league.

“The NBA GA staff are excited to have Carlin, Roman and James accept their offer of scholarships and are looking forward to working with them.

The three young athletes have good size and great athleticism for their respective positions. Carlin as a combo guard, Roman as a versatile forward, and James will be working toward becoming a stretch 4,” NBA GA Technical Director Marty Clarke said, in a statement to Basketball Australia Media.

“Their ability to play hard, willingness to accept coaching, desire to compete will be a necessary attribute as they will be challenged in their new daily training environment,” he added.

Roman, Carlin and James will move to Canberra for the NBA Global Academy program in July 2022.

This Mt Gravatt Cafe’s Poached Eggs Are Made For Instagram

When Jordan Iovenitti opened The Gift Shop Food & Drink in Upper Mount Gravatt in 2018, his goal was to focus on espresso and offer simple eats. Today, more than three years later, the cafe has become very popular for their food, particularly an Instagram-worthy poached egg dish called the ‘Golden Egg.’

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The Gift Shop’s Golden Egg –poached egg with avocado, huevos rancheros, enoki mushrooms and Swiss cheese, stacked on a potato gem waffle, with chipotle mayo and sumac –is a runaway hit on Instagram for its beautiful and cooked-to-perfection appearance.

But there’s more to the Golden Egg than the visual appeal. The Swiss cheese and red and black beans give the dish a much-needed saltiness whilst mayo adds a tingle of heat. The smashed avo gives it an earthy and almost buttery taste and the enoki mushroom adds some crunch and delicate flavour to the poached egg.

“The Golden Eggs were scrumptious, I was particularly fond of the crunchy potato waffle it was served on. 10/10 will be back with some friends in no time,” shared one customer.

The team at Mt Gravatt’s The Gift Shop cafe (Photo credit: The Gift Shop Food & Drink/Facebook)

Tucked away in a complex of shops along Newnham Road, The Gift Shop Food & Drink serves breakfast and lunch seven days a week. Other than their signature Golden Egg, it’s worth checking out their toasties, crispy avo tacos, and the housemade beetroot gnocchi.

Photo credit: The Gift Shop Food & Drink/Facebook

As The Gift Shop says on the drinks menu, they “like to make coffee for the people who like to drink it.” They offer a rotating single-origin and a guest roast, along with hot and cold brews, teas, and cocktails. 

Photo credit: The Gift Shop Food & Drink/Facebook

The interior of this charming little cafe is as Instagrammable as the items on the menu. Wood dominates the cafe and there is plenty of natural light, making it the perfect place when you’re looking for a laid-back place to chill away on a lazy afternoon.

For trading hours and more information, visit The Gift Shop Food & Drink’s website or follow them on social media. 

The Gift Shop Food & Drink

Phone: 0422152422

Facebook: www.facebook.com/The-Gift-Shop-Food-Drink 

Instagram: @thegiftshopfd

Upper Mt Gravatt Quadriplegic Gains Independence

Not too long ago, quadriplegic Nikki Dorling had been relying on her son, Damien, to help her get through the day. The Upper Mt Gravatt local needed her son’s assistance from sun up to sun down to do basic chores and activities.

Nikki was also self-funding her disability-related supplies, including the assistive device she uses to do simple tasks. Her condition has limited her independence and freedom but Nikki was determined not to burden Damien or to lose their financial stability because of the many expenses needed by a quadriplegic. 

The mom got in touch with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) for assistance. She noted that she had an easy process filing her forms by mail. 

“My Local Area Coordinator (LAC), Maika, was truly knowledgeable, caring and talked me through every step; the support was amazing,” Nikki said. 

After going through the interview and assessment process, she soon had an NDIS support staff working with her and received the necessary funding for her disability needs. 

“My NDIS plan allows me the opportunity to hire assistance for everyday chores that I would have had to patiently wait for family members to assist with,” the relieved mother said. “It’s nice to know that if Damien was busy with his studies I have the backing to get assistance to get going, do chores and even shopping or going to the movies.” 

Photo Credit: Supplied

Nikki also said that she’s no longer hindered by financial constraints because of her plan. She is enjoying her independence and self-reliance. 

“I am truly very grateful and sometimes feel, how did I deserve this gift?” she exclaimed.

To learn more about this disability benefit, contact Carers Queensland at 1300 999 636 or cq.enquiries@ndis.gov.au. 

Perfect Beginnings Upper Mt Gravatt Set for Expansion

A childcare centre in Upper Mt Gravatt has lodged a development application (DA) for expansion after reaching 98 percent of its capacity this year. Perfect Beginnings on 53 Klumpp Road is awaiting approval from Council to demolish a neigbouring property and begin its expansion construction.

The current facility on 55 Klumpp Road will also be partially demolished and re-established as a single two-storey structure with the new site. The proposal includes additional rooms, 28-spaces carpark and plenty of focus on nature play and greenery. 

Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council

The move will expand the floor area from 354 sqm to 953 sqm. If all goes to plan, the expansion should be complete at the end of 2021 in time for the centre’s opening in February 2021.

Some 15 new job openings will have to be filled after the expansion, which will allow Perfect Beginnings to accept 100 placements.

Photo Credit: Facebook

Perfect Beginnings is one of three Brisbane childcare centres owned by Fingrow Holdings Pty Ltd. The manager Jessica Lomas said that the facility can no longer meet the demands as their waitlist is growing and they’ve turned down families until the expansion. 

The DA (A005581865) has had an initial review and is currently undergoing further information request. A public consultation has yet to get underway.  

Popular Eatery King of Kings Expands To Upper Mt Gravatt

For 30 years, King of Kings has been a fixture in Fortitude Valley’s dining scene and soon foodies in Upper Mt Gravatt will get to taste its signature dim sum dishes and famous seafood choices without the need to drive up nearly 20 kilometres away. 

King of Kings is opening a restaurant on Logan Road, alongside the Thai Orchid and across the Mt Gravatt Bowls Club. The site is still in the process of redevelopment with no confirmed opening date.

Photo Credit: Google Maps

Its location in the Valley is also undergoing massive changes with a new custom kitchen and a fresh redesign. The restaurant was supposed to open in May but due to building delays and the pandemic restrictions, the owners are now planning a New Year relaunch.  

King of Kings takes pride in serving the best yum cha in Brisbane. The site of many celebrations since it opened in the late 1980s, the restaurant changed owners in 2012 and they will continue to run both outlets in 2021.

“Probably some of the best Chinese you will have, massive selection of all your favorites and a whole bunch of others. Service is always spot on super quick and friendly. Portion sizes are decent and it is just a little bit more that most other Chinese restaurants.”

Josh Berry, Google Reviews

“Enjoyed Yum Cha recently, and found the service quick, and the food extremely tasty. The fact that it was very busy is testament to its popularity. Will be definitely coming back!” 

Perry Limb, Facebook Reviews

Brisbane Small Business Expo: Learn From Professionals at the Biggest Networking Event in Upper Mt Gravatt

The biggest networking event in Brisbane is happening on the 4th of April 2019 in Upper Mt Gravatt! Some 1,600 local business professionals are expected to be at the Hibiscus Sports Complex on Klumpp Road for the Brisbane Small Business Expo.

The event, mounted by Paula Brand Small Business Expos, will feature more than 200 exhibitors. It’s set up to be a great opportunity to find sales leads or reliable suppliers, as well as exchange business cards with different professionals.

From 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., guests may participate in a flurry of activities:

  • catch four speaker sessions
  • speak with the employees of the Office of the Small Business, Brisbane City Council
  • listen to eight TINAx Talks (for women in business)
  • get free headshots for their business profile
  • take advantage of a free massage and brow waxing
  • Speed Networking (from 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.)

Exhibitors and sponsors of the Brisbane Small Business Expo will also be giving away several prizes with a combined worth over $20,000.

Entrance to this event is free for all businesspeople, but you have to register your attendance online. To keep things livelier, there will be food trucks on site while Jodie Joy will provide the entertainment.

Photo Credit: Small Business Expo/Facebook

If this will be your first time to attend the event, take a look at what happened at the Brisbane Small Business Expo in 2018 in the video below: