Mt Gravatt State High School Wins People’s Choice at the 2020 National Videos for Change Competition

Three Year 8 students from Mount Gravatt State High School received the People’s Choice Awards at the 2020 National Videos for Change Competition. Brannagh, 13, Summer, 13, and Kairi-Yuna, 14 created a one-minute video focusing on mental health for the elderly, which was one of the 19 finalists.

The students visited St Vincent’s Care Services in Kangaroo Point to bring care packages, letters and signs to lift the spirits of the elderly during this pandemic. While there, amidst COVID-safe measures, they realised that their small gesture can make have a huge impact and make a difference. 

In choosing the senior residents as their subject, Brannagh, Summer and Kairi-Yuna focused on sharing practical suggestions for the community to show how they value the isolated older generation, especially in this pandemic lockdown. 

You can watch their 60-second creation on the official Videos for Change site

Videos for Change encourages young people to present their ideas on social issues that matter to them. It’s a way for the youth to develop and practice their advocacy, build their confidence and valuable skills that will lay the path for their better future. 

“These one-minute videos build empathy and touch your heart. They address universal issues and give us a sense of hope and connection at a time when it’s never been more important,” Videos for Change Founder Roya Baghai said.

Photo Credit: Supplied

Meanwhile, the Mount Gravatt State High School students remain in contact with the residents at the St Vincent’s Care Services whilst their in-person visits are limited. They communicate the old-fashioned way — by sending handwritten letters.