Newnham Rd And Wecker Rd Intersection Upgrades Now Complete

After nearly a year of on-road construction works, the intersection of Newnham Rd and Wecker Rd in Mount Gravatt East is now fully operational for all road users. 

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A new right-turn lane was constructed on Newnham Rd with a dedicated right-turn arrow to fully control the right turn from Newnham Rd into Wecker Rd.

Brisbane City Council installed an additional right turn lane from Wrecker Rd into Newnham Rd and a signalised pedestrian crossing on the left-turn slip lane on Newnham Rd.

Footpaths, shared paths, and crossing facilities at the traffic lights were also improved as part of the project.

The Newnham Road and Wecker Road intersection is an important junction in Brisbane’s major road network, with approximately 35,000 vehicles, 474 buses, 55 cyclists and 186 pedestrians passing each day.

Councillor Krista Adams, Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner, Bonner MP Ross Vasta, and Cr Ryan Murphy came to see the finishing touches on the upgrade of Newnham & Wecker Rd (Photo credit: Cr Ryan Murphy/Facebook)

The intersection upgrade was jointly funded by the local government through the Better Roads for Brisbane program and the Australian government, which committed $12 million as part of the Urban Congestion Fund.

The project aims to improve connectivity in the area, particularly for pedestrians and cyclists, whilst reducing traffic congestion and improving travel time reliability.

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Following these upgrades, Council is preparing for the construction of a new pedestrian and cycle bridge in Graham Lord Park over the next few weeks, which is also part of the project.

Works for the pedestrian and cyclist bridge is expected to be complete in early 202, weather and site conditions permitting, and will be carried out on weekdays between 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

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Mansfield Intersection Upgrade Now Underway

Upgrade works on the Newnham and Wecker Rd intersection in Mansfield are already underway, with expected completion by mid-2022. 

Construction on the $13.3-million upgrade project commenced in late November 2021, with the establishment of the site compound in Graham Lord Park and relocation of public utilities. 

Part of the initial construction works will also involve the removal of some trees along Newnham Road. Upon completion of the upgrade project, however, some 300 trees, plants, and ground cover vegetation will be planted within the area to replace those that have been removed. 

Photo credit:  Brisbane City Council /

To be constructed is a new northbound right turn lane on Newnham Road (northbound) complete with a right turn arrow for a full traffic flow control. Also, an additional lane will be installed for vehicles coming from Wecker Road and making a right turn into Newnham Road (northbound). 

There will also be a signalised pedestrian crossing on a left turn slip lane situated on Newnham Road (southbound). Lastly, the two bus stops at Newnham Road will undergo an upgrade as well.

Congestion and Safety Issues

On a daily basis, the Newnham Road and Wecker Road intersection accommodate around 35,000 vehicles, 474 buses, 55 cyclists, and 186 pedestrians, making it one of the busiest in southern Brisbane. 

Apart from congestion, safety is another concern in this intersection where a total of 18 crashes were reported between 2014 and 2019. Of these total reported crashes, 13 occurred due to motorists coming from Newnham Road, where there’s a high volume of traffic, were not able to make a right turn into Wecker Road safely.

Once completed, the upgrade project will allow the intersection to accommodate future traffic demands with improved safety and reduced traffic congestion. Meanwhile, footpaths, shared paths, and pedestrian crossing facilities located at traffic lights will improve the intersection’s connectivity. 

The project is jointly funded by the Australian Government through its Urban Congestion Fund and the Brisbane City Council through its Better Roads for Brisbane program with each contributing $12 million and $1.3 million, respectively.

Construction hours are between Monday and Saturday beginning 7am until 5 pm. However, some work will occur at night, Sunday to Thursday from 7 pm to 5 am, to reduce the impact on traffic and ensure the safety of both motorists and workers at the construction site. 

Moreover, around 12 on-street parking spaces at the intersection will be removed and a full-time “No parking” policy will take effect to replace the peak period clearway.