US Tourist’s Australian Adventure Halted by Motorbike Theft in Mount Gravatt

A US tourist’s journey around Australia ended abruptly when his Honda Crf 250L motorbike was stolen from his accommodation on Creek Rd, Mount Gravatt.

Philadelphia native Max Cramer was completing a lap of Australia on a motorbike when his vehicle went missing on Wednesday, 10 April 2024.

The alleged offenders didn’t stop at the motorbike. They also reportedly used Mr Cramer’s bank card, found in the tank bag on the bike, at a nearby service station before he could freeze it.

Max Cramer and his bike
Photo Credit: TikTok / @maxterpiecemoto

Mr Cramer was living in Broome, Western Australia in June 2023. He initially came to work at a kangaroo rehabilitation centre, with no grand adventure in mind.

However, after spotting a Honda Crf 250L on a marketplace, he embarked on a trip around the country, whose size he admits he underestimated.

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Max Cramer travels across Australia
Photo Credit: TikTok / @maxterpiecemoto

His trips took him from Broome along the Western Australia coastline, across the Nullarbor Plain, into South Australia, and onto Victoria. He then crossed Bass Strait into Tasmania, before going up to Sydney and into Queensland.

He arrived in Brisbane in March 2024 and decided to settle in and look for a job, while waiting for the wet season up north to pass.

Max Cramer stays in Mount Gravatt
Photo Credit: TikTok / @maxterpiecemoto

Less than a month after arriving in Queensland, he fell victim to the state’s crime crisis. Despite coming to terms with the loss of his motorcycle, Mr Cramer remains determined to complete his journey.


This is the end of the trip. If anyone can help in anyway find the bike message me. Sorry guys, I wanted to complete the jounrey.

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The Queensland Police Service is appealing for information after the alleged motorbike theft in Mount Gravatt.

Investigations indicate that the red 2017 Honda CRF250 with Western Australian registration BM80234 was stolen from a Creek Road residence between 10 and 11 April.

Published 20-April-2024