Vapiano in Mt Gravatt Braces for an Overhaul

Photo Credit: Vapiano Garden City/Facebook

Vapiano, the famous pizza restaurant with an outlet at the Garden City in Upper Mount Gravatt, is bracing for some changes amid this new normal. The eatery will soon introduce a new ordering system that will give the customers more control of their dining experience.

For the last decade, Vapiano’s stores across Queensland have had a familiar ordering system where diners line up at the food stations and then see the chefs prepare and cook their meals. 

The new process will incorporate smartphone technology and QR codes, as well as ditch the need for queueing. 

Diners may immediately secure their table once inside Vapiano and then place their orders from their smartphones. 

Photo Credit: Facebook

The idea is to keep customers comfortably seated whilst the waitstaff provides the service. They may also use their smartphones to pay for their meals so that no one has to leave the table. 

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However, customers who come in without smartphones may still place orders at a dedicated but smaller corner in the restaurant, where physical distancing will be observed.

The kitchen’s operation will also be altered to reflect the new ordering system. 

Photo Credit: Facebook

Managing director Will Cooke believes that will keep the restaurant more efficient whilst maintaining the quality of its food and service.

Meanwhile, Vapiano will also bring in new tables and lighting to freshen up the ambience. The Brisbane City outlet is the first to make the design changes whilst the ordering system will be introduced at the Garden City outlet in Mt Gravatt before the holidays. 

Vapiano serves homemade Italian comfort food like pasta, pizza and salads with meals tailored to the customers’ preference. 

“Whether you come in for a cheeky after work cocktail in our bar area, or spend hours enjoying a meal with friends in our restaurant, we pride ourselves on serving only the best made-to-order pizzas, house-made pasta, hand-tossed salads and delicious dolci in a fun, relaxing atmosphere filled with fresh herbs at every table and live olive trees.”

To book a table with a maximum of six diners, visit their reservation page online.