Violent Assault Outside World Gym in Mt Gravatt

A local resident fell victim to a violent assault outside the World Gym in Mt Gravatt. The incident took place on the evening of 12 March 2024, leaving the community in shock.

The assailant had a calculated plan. After a workout session, he stepped out of the gym and waited for an hour. When his target, a 21-year-old from Spring Mountain, left the gym, the assailant struck him without warning, landing a forceful punch to the victim’s face.

The young man was rushed to Princess Alexandra Hospital with his nose severely broken. The assailant, however, made a swift exit in a car, disappearing before he could be apprehended.

The police have reason to believe that the two men were not strangers. They have identified the assailant, but he remains at large, yet to be charged.

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Published 13-March-2024