Westfield Mt Gravatt Transforms into Festival Wonderland With Silent Discos, Basketball Workshops

Silent discos, where people can groove to the beat wearing wireless headphones. Basketball workshops with the Southwest Metro Pirates. Check out what’s coming up at Westfield Mt Gravatt.

Silent Discos: Groove to Your Own Rhythm

From Monday to Sunday, 18 to 23 Sept 2023, Westfield Mt Gravatt will be abuzz with excitement as it becomes a part of Brisbane Festival 2023 and presents an extraordinary event called Silent Discos. This is a unique and immersive musical experience for attendees of all ages so everyone is invited to move to their own rhythm at the Town Square dining precinct, near the Hotel Beach House.

Here’s what the event has in store:

Musical Magic: Participants can groove to the hottest tunes while wearing wireless headphones, creating a surreal musical atmosphere. It’s a fantastic way to dance to your favorite tracks without disturbing others.

Laser Light Show: Get ready to be dazzled by laser lighting effects that will transform the Town Square into a mesmerizing dance floor.

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Interactive Games: Alongside dancing, attendees can enjoy various interactive games, adding an element of excitement and competition to the event.

The Silent Discos bring not just musical enjoyment but also a fantastic opportunity for families to come together, dance, and have fun in a unique way. It’s an event that encourages self-expression and celebrates the joy of music.

Basketball Workshops: Take Your Skills to the Next Level

Then from Monday to Friday 25 to 29 Sept 2023, Westfield Mt Gravatt will host Basketball Workshops, taking family fun to the next level. Families are invited to learn from the best and elevate their basketball skills.

Key details of the Basketball Workshops:

Hosted by Professionals: The workshops will be led by professionals from the Southwest Metro Pirates, providing participants with top-notch training and insights into the world of basketball.

Ultimate Training Program: These workshops are designed to help attendees take their basketball skills to the next level. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, there’s something for everyone to learn and enjoy.

Enjoy a memorable week of fun, entertainment, and skill development at Westfield Mt Gravatt and make this school holidays a blast for the entire family.

Published 14-Sept-2023